Tuesday, June 9, 2009

stella mccartney

are you in love like i am?


  1. are u getting upset again? plsss dont be. i have 116 followers and i only get 20 comments or so. its just the way it is. it doesnt mean people dont read or look at your stuff. the majority of the blogs i follow and inspire me i dont post comments. i just look at their amazing style and pics sometimes saving them in my inspirational folders. i know it seems that comments are important but they kinda of aren't. they are just the same thing over and over repeated by people trying to get u to write comments back on their blog which i dont think its right in my way. karla from karla's closet has around 3000 followers but only gets 170 commments. but it doesnt mean that people dont check her blog out every time she posts something new. most people if they follow your blog i bet look at the pics otherwise they wouldnt be following it so dont be upset about the lack of comments ok? most of them are seriously useless.

  2. hey!
    found your blog via thefashionspot.
    it is lovely blog.
    would you like to exhange links with me?


  3. Love them all, Stella and Chanel are my all time favorite designers!